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WiFi Speaker Pro

Send ANY music or audio from one PC to your Android instantly. 90% audio compression, no voice interruptions, no ads, and control over the equalizer! This is the professional version. WiFi Speaker is used to: -Turn Android into a wireless speaker or headphone -Watch movies with real time audio -Works 3G/4G cellular or local network -Use it as a wireless speaker for DJ turntables -Baby monitor -PA system -Many, many more uses. Average minimum latency is 10 milliseconds. Multiple Android's can connect to a single server, so you can use android devices to play audio in every room in your house if you want. Systems like that cost thousands. This is FREE. Even one pair of wireless headsets or speakers cost hundreds! Just use WiFi speaker instead. Its free. Audio jack or speakers broken? Replace them with your Android! WiFi Speaker has very low latency (audio delay.) This means you can listen to a movie or YouTube wirelessly. Watch movies quietly from any distance using your Android and headphones. Not just a boring streaming app! You can use any music player you want; Grooveshark, Spotify, YouTube, ITunes, VLC, Windows Media Player, etc. Features: Live audio capture and streaming Not limited to any music player Graphics equalizer PRECISE control over audio quality (choose your audio format!) PRECISE Control over buffer time Very low latency Easy to use Secure! Before using WiFi Speaker on your Android device, you MUST have the WiFi Speaker server application running on the PC or laptop which is your source of music, web audio streaming, or other sounds. Please do not down vote if you are having setup trouble. Contact me and I'll help fix your issues. If you're connecting over 3G/4G, an unlimited data plan is strongly recommended. Download the server here: http://pixelatedmind.com/wifispeakers/ ***************************** Low ratings hurt apps! Give me a chance to make you happy! Your issue will be resolved. Submit any error reports through google play, or email them to the developer. Feel free to contact the developer with criticism or praise, I appreciate both. I want you to love this app! ***************************** Permissions explained: Network communication: Communicates with the server program on your PC Internet: Used to access your WiFi Speaker server over 3G/4G when required Access WiFi State: Check whether wifi is enabled If reporting a problem please list your Android version (2.3, 3.0, etc.), make/model, and description of issue. Check the server download site frequently for server updates.

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