Weight Loss Hypnosis


Weight Loss Hypnosis

Have you tried everything in the book to lose weight, yet end up in the same rut every time? We invite you into our specially designed hypnosis program, which tackles the first and foremost important road block… YOUR MIND. We encourage you to dive deep into the powerful subconscious of your mind that drives virtually all of your behavior. Take control of your eating habits now and let Mindifi help you access your subconscious through deep hypnosis. With Mindifi's weight loss hypnosis, you will experience the richest content and the most advanced hypnosis techniques, using a gentle comforting voice, serene background music, natural sound effects, and the most beautiful visuals. Allow your senses to reach a deep state of relaxation, as you journey into your subconscious. Audios in this app include: 1). "Weight Loss" - Enjoy this 40 minute session FREE on us! 2). "Craving Buster" - Control the foods that you crave. 3). "Live to Eat!" - Re-program your unconscious mind's current connection to food. 4). "Master your Knife, Master Your Life" - Tricks to use to control how we eat. 5). "Jump Start Your Metabolism" - Burn your stored fat for fuel 6). "Sing Your Body Electric" - Relaxation at its deepest level; free yourself to be active and alive! 7). "Releasing Old, Limiting Beliefs" - Let go of those beliefs preventing you from achieving success in managing your weight. 8). "Lower Stress= Lower Weight" - Reduce Cortisol levels, reduce your weight. 9). "Freedom from Fat" - Release your negative emotions and mental blocks caused by fear. 10). "Move it and Lose it"- Increase your desire and motivation to become more active. 11). "Movement Meditation"- Listen to this during cardio vascular exercise to hear what you need at the right time. Fat Loss is not an overnight event, and there are no secret tips and tricks that are not available to everyone for free or cheap. In fact, there are many ways to lose fat, and people have been very successful using programs like P90X or Weight Watchers. The main reason people don't achieve their weight loss or diet goals is because they lack the persistence, consistency and follow through. The only way to cultivate those disciplines is with a change of mindset. That is where Mindifi's weight loss hypnosis program can help you with tremendous improvements with your Mindset before all else. So allow Mindifi to help you relax, rid you of any unwanted anxiety, and open your mind to the power of hypnosis and meditation. It's a fast and easy way to recondition your mind each day. You will find a renewed energy, new motivation to exercise, and a new persistence to cut out unhealthy food. See what users are saying: "I have never looked into anything like this in my life and I can't begin to explain to you how it feels, sounds cliche but u really do go to another place. I've never felt anything like it. I would recommend a try just to experience the feeling when all instructions are followed." "I love this app. it's so relaxing and makes u just drift off and find peace" "I feel great! I've done many hypnosis apps and binaural sleep apps and I LOVE this one. He's got a great voice and energy, that's right: :)" "I absolutely LOVE this app! I purchased all of the apps available within the main app. It's so relaxing, and I have even lost 10 pounds so far!! And the customer service is quick and knowledgable if you need them. Best app I ever purchased! :-)" " I will certainly listen to it again… I felt relaxed and ready to face the day!!" "The free weight loss one is amazing! Love his voice, the imagery, and everything it says. Today was my second time doing it and I have felt a change in me where I don't crave junk food. I used headphones this time and it's better. Enjoy and know you are worth it." Enter the world of Mindifi!

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