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Web Monitor

This app polls a configurable web-page in regularly intervals and checks the content for a keyword (defined as regular expressions). In the settings two entries have to be done: 1. The URL to be parsed (e.g. "https://news.google.de/news/section?pz=1&cf=all&ned=de&topic=t&ict=ln" for the science news) 2. The content to be scanned for as regex, e.g. "Price:[ ]*([0-9]+)" All Matches of the regex are collected and shown in a table. If the Alarm-Button is activated an alarm (notification) appears if the selected content changes. The initial configuration monitors the Nexus 10 page for the price (and the sold-out state). The alarm is initially turned off. For more information see http://andwebmonit.sourceforge.net/

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