Wear Remote Camera Viewfinder


Wear Remote Camera Viewfinder

-- Please note: Android Wear apps take up to 5 minutes to be installed onto the watch AFTER having installed the mobile module. -- Wear Viewfinder is an Android Wear application which enables you to take pictures while using your watch as a viewfinder. Options for flash, timer and camera switcher are included. Prop your phone up to take group pictures or better selfies! Use it as a "spy cam" with the screen off. Keep an eye on your cooking. Surprise a friend with perfect timing. Use it as a high tech rear-view mirror and anything else you can come up with. Operation is simple and intuitive: - Start app through any launcher on your watch. - Tap the viewfinder to take a picture. - Swipe left for options. - Swipe right to exit app. - The app never runs in the background and will never give you unsolicited popup cards. Currently Wear Viewfinder supports all available round and square Android Wear watches. It will be updated to include support for future devices AND android versions. DO NOT buy this app if you own a TIZEN powered smartwatch. Images made with this app are saved in /sdcard/DCIM/Camera. for most devices this is the default camera folder but for devices from for example Samsung and HTC this is a different folder. -- Feature requests, bug reports, complaints and refunds -- Please do not hesitate to contact me directly so I can immediately take action. The goal is to make your user experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible! No Bunnies were harmed in the making of this app!

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