Water Time💧Drink reminder app, water diet tracker


Water Time💧Drink reminder app, water diet tracker

Do you drink water every day? (Not coffee or tea – just a clean water) Do you often forget to drink water in time? No time to keep track your water consumption? Water Time is a simple aqua reminder and water tracker which designed for you to drink water. Water intake will help to speed up metabolism and get water balance, improve the skin, keep the body fit and get a better health. You can look on it as on special water diet. Do you feel headaches? Have you kidney stones? (We hope – no) In any case the water - our free doctor and prevention coach! We specially made it for busy people. You don't have to remember about water intake? Our water reminder will alarm you to drink water in time. Water tracker “Water time” can help bring healthy habit back, maintain proper hydration and speed metabolism up immediately! Do you know that the water intake will make the skin care much simpler, because the healthier the body is, the cleaner skin? If your doctor said: drink more water – we will help you to find a balance between hydration and dehydration by a special water diet. Needed water quantity for a day is calculated specially for you and will protect every cell of your body from dehydration. You can keep track of water intake on time and in the required quantity, that can be easily changed to support any diet regime. In fact, water intake is a water diet too! Water Time can also help you normalize your water balance, cleanse the body and improve your health. Our water tracking app like a “hydro mentor”, has a water calculator that will calculate your approximate daily water consumption. Just one month of using Water Time - and you will get a useful habit to drink water. Water Time will help you to unleash the power of H2O. Advantages of drinking water for your health: – drink more water is an effective method of combating stress and tiredness; – water diet can clear up your skin; – water consumption can improve your health in a few days; – it’s beneficial to lose weight and the basis of every professional diet; – well water intake will help you stay fit and enduring. It’s a simple water diet on its own; – it helps prevent kidney stones; – drinking enough water can relieve headaches. Drink more, unleash the power of aqua, because your health is worth it! Download the Water Time, you will appreciate: – Intuitive interface – Flexible settings – Automatic calculation of the required daily norm of water consumption Take care, drink water and your body will say "thank you" ;)

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    Great way to keep track of your water in take overall”
    I never remember to drink enough water and often feel sluggish due to it”
    Cute little water drop encourages me to drink more water
    This helps remind me to drink water for lose weight
    I've always had trouble keeping up with my daily water intake
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