Virtual Dad – Real Life Happy Family 3D Game


Virtual Dad – Real Life Happy Family 3D Game

Play as a super virtual dad in this amazing real life happy family, a free simulator 3D game. Perform like your daily duties like a super virtual dad. Be an important member of this virtual family. As a super happy daddy spent quality time with your kids and wife. Perform daily routine jobs. Like a hard-working virtual husband. Be a super cool virtual dad for little kids. Get ready to be the top super happy dad for this virtual family. Take up the challenge for daily life chores. Wakeup early, get ready for the busy day. Manage this real life happy virtual family. Take shower, enjoy lovely breakfast with your virtual wife and kids. Prove yourself worthy to be one of the best virtual dad in real life happy family simulator 3D game. Super Dad always plays a major role in real life. Virtual Dad is the head of this happy virtual family. Take a day off from your office work. Help your virtual wife. Be a helping hand to virtual nanny who already took a day off due to sickness. As virtual mom mom is busy in taking care of sick baby. Virtual dad has to prepare food as chef in kitchen in real life. Take pet dog for a city walk, wake up kids and toddlers for school, help wife in grocery, drive her to the city shopping mall and grocery supermarket. Be an ultimate super dad and happy dad like an important family man. You are an amazing virtual dad in this real life happy family game. Housekeeping job is not an easy task being a virtual dad, start your busy day in this ultimate family fun game. prove to be a virtual family man of life, your wife is taking care of sick baby and you need to clean the house. Go to car porch and collect garbage and dump it into the backyard. Clean and wash your car at car washing area. This super dad adventure simulator has a beautiful dream house. Lovely bedrooms, baby nursery, a huge dining room and kitchen. Help your soulmate to decorate this amazing house. This realistic virtual dad happy family simulator is a realistic game. You are a real man to be a real super dad caring his kids. This family simulator allows you to interact with all the fun adventure and help your lovely wife in her daily life problems. Have babies and see them grow up. Expect the unexpected. Surprise events will pop up during your routine. Celebrate birthdays with your virtual happy family. Let kids help this happy super dad in cleaning messy house and kitchen piled up with dirty dishes. This amazing virtual dad real life happy family is a role playing free game. It’s all about raising a virtual kids and happy family. In good relationship. Your job is tough at home. You need to complete the targets to survive in this virtual family adventure simulator. The busy day of super dad and happy dad starts with waking up kids for school, making them a healthy breakfast with some snacks for school break time. Prepare kids for school as the school bus is right at the corner. Now help your real life wife with daily routine household chores. Clean up kitchen, collect dirty clothes for laundry, put dishes in dish washer. Use real life vacuum machine to clean up all bedrooms, sitting area dinning lounge. It’s a long time that the garden is not taken care off, cut over grown grass, put some new plants. Hey look your real life neighborhood friend is here for you to meet you, have a friendly gossip with him. Virtual Dad – Real Life Happy Family 3D Game Features: • Real virtual Happy Dad simulator. • All family members to interact. • Smooth and easy controls. • Play as Super Cool Dad. • Help in Household routine tasks. • Realistic life simulations and animations. • Awesome graphics to interact.

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