utter! Voice Commands BETA!


utter! Voice Commands BETA!

Welcome to the BETA release of utter! Your offline voice controlled personal assistant with a difference... What makes utter! different? utter! is not your average Siri clone and doesn’t attempt to be a gimmick of a virtual assistant application, its priority is to be super functional and ultra fast! It allows many device based commands to be performed offline, without the need for a data connection (Jelly Bean only). utter! runs in the background of your device, is very lightweight on resource and does not have a user-interface, so its functions are available anywhere on the device, at any time, to interact with any application. With highly optimised algorithms, utter! aims to make voice control on your device, something you wonder how you ever did without! Something that is achieved faster than you could do it manually and an implementation that takes full advantage of the openness of the Android Platform, by giving you full device control in addition to using the functions in your favourite installed applications. There’s no need to open up a separate application to execute your voice commands. With just a shake, wave, or a good old fashioned button press, utter! wakes to address you as you see fit, wherever you are on your device, whatever you are doing.. and it won’t get in the way. So, please do get involved in the testing stage, give me your feedback and help me create a Voice Controlled Personal Assistant that is truly useful! One that makes fast offline voice recognition for Android a reality! Why so many permissions? utter! needs to do everything for you hands free, so you don't have to touch the device. Permissions such as automatically sending text messages and placing calls will be used under these circumstances. User guide link - http://goo.gl/aah2X BIG Thank you to all those that have posted comments and given 5* - It's appreciated. PLEASE don’t post a 1* comment "It doesn’t work" – that really doesn’t help! I can’t get the problem sorted! There’s an email link in the application, I’d be delighted to solve any bugs you find. I hope they are few and far between now and your voice commands will be executed in under a second. [FUNCTIONS] • Wake-up-phrase • WiFi • Bluetooth • Mobile Data • GPS • NFC • Hotspot • Airplane mode • Orientation • Keyboard • Driving mode • Notifications • Time • Alarms • Calendar • Email • Text • Facebook • Twitter • Foursquare • Spelling • Weather • Application Integration • Device Settings • Device Information • Web Search • Video Search • Application Search • Music • Navigation • Location Services (limited release) • Contacts • Calling (+Skype) • Flash light • Tasker Integration • File Management (limited release) • Root Functions • Knowledge Base (coming very soon) • Plus Many More…….! [BUGS!] - http://goo.gl/c5rkr Some users are getting force closes when the application starts for Galaxy Nexus/Transformer/Note 2 - http://goo.gl/GUvYT Jelly Bean & custom ROMs built from the same release have a major bug where English (US) in the Google Voice Search settings prevents voice data from being returned. Please change this to English (UK) until they fix it... Weather and Time API's do not provide accurate results for US States – I’ll be changing provider soon as non-singular States/Countries are not supported. IVONA can lock up the media stream and lags on initialisation [Notified IVONA] [PERMISSIONS!] NONE OF YOUR PERSONAL DATA IS UPLOADED TO EXTERNAL SERVERS OR SHARED! Any permissions utter! requests are for device level ONLY. TAGS: Voice assistant, voice recognition, voice command, voice commands, voice actions, voice search, speech assistant, text to speech, virtual assistant, voice texting, hands free, text by voice, voice calendar, voice tweet, voice notifications, accessibility talkback

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    Literally the best virtual assistant I have ever used”
    This app is the best voice command app I've seen so far”
    It's the first personal assistant app that I actually like and use”
    Better than any other voice activated digital assistant”
    This is easily the best voice control app for Android”
    Very user friendly with a high degree of customization”
    & did I mention the great sense of humor
    Voice recognition improvements could make it more amazing”
    The developer is very responsive and nice”
    I feel like this is a life changing app for android phones”
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    Always return:There was an ambient noise error”
    It asks to internet connection why”
    It did not recognize one single command Uninstalled right away”
    The app looked promising but using my bluetooth earphones”

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