UK AirspaceAVOID for Pilots


UK AirspaceAVOID for Pilots

PocketFMS has been providing flight planning and moving map systems since 2003. UK AirspaceAVOID, which has been awarded the NATS ‘Airspace Awareness Compliance Mark’, is a free version of PocketFMS’s popular AirspaceAVOID app, which has been specially designed for pilots flying in the UK. The app requires a minimum of 768MB RAM. PocketFMS developed UK AirspaceAVOID specifically to help pilots flying in the UK to avoid unintended entry into airspace or NOTAMed airspace. UK AirspaceAVOID is free to download and use. Airspace is updated every 28 days and these updates are also totally free. NOTAMs are provided by a live link to EuroControl, ensuring that you have the latest NOTAMs to hand. All NOTAM updates are of course also free. UK AirspaceAVOID will show your position on the moving map so that you can see your position relative the airspace around you. You will get a warning as you approach an airspace which highlights the airspace boundary that you are approaching and provides you the appropriate call sign and frequency to contact in order to get a clearance to enter. A position tab will give you your current position in a format that makes reporting your position to ATC easy, as well as giving you the frequency and call sign for the most relevant air traffic unit in your area, including a LARS if one is available. A point briefing is generated for you in UK AirspaceAVOID with up-to-date NOTAMs via a live feed from EuroControl. NOTAMs can easily be reviewed, highlighted and unique to PocketFMS systems, hidden if appropriate. As you fly you will get a warning as you approach a NOTAM that you have not specifically hidden. You can store a copy of your NOTAM briefing in the PocketFMS cloud for later reference. Using PocketFMS’s unique EasyPrint feature you can easily print your briefing from your phone or tablet without the need for a special printer or software. UK AirspaceAVOID should not be used outside the UK FIRs. Learn more about PocketFMS at our web site and the PocketFMS Forum:

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