Union Bank (Albania) has prepared for its customers, who use Android a new UB Mobile application. It is an easy and safe tool to access your accounts from anywhere they can connect to internet. Therefore it is available for the customers of Union Bank: - a fast and efficient management of your money and finance; - freedom, comfort and simplicity of using the application; - economy in time; - high level of protection and security. For utilization of the UB Mobile application it is necessary to visit any branch of the Union Bank and sign a contract. After its signing you will receive an activation code via SMS, which is necessary for the initial application activation. You can use the following basic functions in the UB Mobile application: - account balance summary (current accounts, loan accounts, term deposits); - turnover summary (debit and credit); - domestic payment orders; (new payment, templates, status of orders); - payment cards summary(debit and credit); - debit and credit card turnover summary; - current exchange rates list and currency exchange rate conversion calculator; - basic information about the bank; - user application settings. The logging in to the application is based on PIN known only to the user and no other verification is needed. The personal data regarding your account are not stored in mobile phone, so in case of loss or theft of the mobile phone they cannot be misused. The application will shut down automatically when idle and you have to enter the PIN code again if you want to open it. In case of incorrect PIN code entered repeatedly the application will freeze and disable further access. In this way it is provided additional protection against unauthorized access to the application.

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