Truckers Trip Planning App (Solo Owner Operators)


Truckers Trip Planning App (Solo Owner Operators)

The Solo Lease and Owner Operators Truckers Trip Planning App helps Solo Lease and Owner Operators make fast decisions in five minutes or less if they can accept a load. The key trucker tools are the hours of service calculator, ETA calculator, and the cost per mile calculator which helps solo truck drivers to quickly see if they have the hours of service, if the load is profitable, and if they can pick-up and deliver on time. DOWNLOAD THE BEST TRUCKER APP FOR PLANNING AND YOU CAN KEEP TRUCKING WITHOUT STRESS! HERE’S WHY SOLO LEASE AND OWNER OPERATORS NEED TO DOWNLOAD THE TRUCKERS TRIP PLANNING APP: Whether you are getting your loads from your dispatcher or finding them yourself, the solo truck driver is expected to immediately answer two key questions before accepting a load: • Do I have the required hours of service to run the load? • Can I pick up and deliver the load on time? If you are an Owner Operator, you should be asking yourself another important question; • Is the load profitable enough to sustain my Owner Operator Trucking Business? The Truckers Trip Planning App is the only suite of apps for truckers on the market with the best trucker apps for planning loads and getting fast answers to these important questions: • a trucker trip planning worksheet with multiple stops, • a trucker hours of service calculator to determine all of the hours required for the load, • an ETA calculator and time management summary with the required hours of service, your estimated time of arrivals (ETA), and your next available time (NAT), • an Owner Operator trucking cost per mile calculator so that you’ll know the minimum cost per mile for profitable load decisions, • a trip sheet for determining the true revenue generated by the load, • a profit and loss spreadsheet to show if the load is profitable, • success metrics to measure your overall load decisions, • a trucker trip planner for truckers unlike that of Trucker Path and Dat Trucker where you can plan and record your work and rest hours to help you with time management, • the ability to get commercial truck gps route navigation from the SmartTruckRoute App, the best trucker gps app on the market, • and the ability to plan, save, and recall multiple loads. You’ll quickly see that this Trucker Trip Planning App is a workflow solution, a decision making tool, and a business management tool with all the right truck driver apps to assist Owner Operators and Company solo truck drivers in accepting loads that they can deliver. Owner Operators can use these trucker tools to analyze loads from load boards. Dispatchers can use the trucker tools to assign loads that solo truck drivers can successfully deliver. So whether you are a solo truck driver or a team truck driver, or owner and operator of your own trucking business or even a dispatcher, you need to have these essential trucker tools in your tool box. Don’t be limited by trucker apps and gps for truckers like SmartTruckRoute, Trucker Path, DAT Trucker, and Keep Trucking to help you find truck stops or otherwise do the exact same thing. The Trucker Trip Planning App puts the “horse before the cart” and leaves looking for truck stops and planning the truckers path to second nature. Start making informed load decisions! DOWNLOAD THE TRUCKERS TRIP PLANNING APP FOR SOLO TRUCK DRIVERS SO THAT YOU CAN KEEP TRUCKING WHILE QUICKLY RECOGNIZING AND PLANNING ACCEPTABLE LOADS AND HAVE ALL THE TRUCK DRIVER APPS YOU NEED IN ONE PLACE. Supports these Hour of Service Rules: USA Property 70/8 Alaska Passenger 80/8 USA Property 60/7 California Property 80/8 USA Passenger 70/8 California Passenger 80/8 USA Passenger 60/7 Texas 70/7 Alaska Property 70/7 Canadian South 70/7 Alaska Property 80/8 European Union Basic Alaska Passenger 70/7 Australia Standard THERE IS NO HIDDEN COST OR ADVERTISING: The price you see is the only price you pay.

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