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trivago: Hotels & Travel

Discover the great deals, compare hotel prices & save money on your next holiday or trip – get savings when you hotel search with trivago! Find hotels for your holiday or business trip, discover a last minute city break or a winter sun weekend deal. With more than a million hotels to choose from and hundreds of worldwide booking sites to compare, plan your next trip stress-free with the world’s famous hotel and travel app! Compare hotels & find your ideal hotel at great price before you book. Discover hotels and great deals with trivago! Hotel Search and Save Money: Top 5 Reasons to Download trivago: 1. Compare hotels and find rooms from hundreds of bookings sites worldwide. 2. Discover hotels for great prices, find travel discounts, deals & savings from hotels worldwide so you can travel cheaply. 3. Compare hotel prices to find rooms near attractions – search with your budget in mind by setting a trip itinerary for that last minute getaway. 4. Save money on vacation and travel sites so you can book your ideal hotel at your convenience. 5. Hotel search with the trivago Rating Index® – see the combined online ratings of all available hotel review scores so you feel confident before you book. Find hotels, motels or B&B’s and compare prices across all the top bookings sites including Expedia,, Holidaycheck, ebookers, AlphaRooms, LateRooms, Travelrepublic,,, Priceline, HotelTonight and more. Find rooms in hotels near well-known sights and set a maximum price. Keep your hotel search within budget and easily compare hotels and search by both location and price. Discover hotels, savings & travel discounts for your cheap last minute trip. Compare hotel prices & travel discounts, plan your trip with confidence and save money while on vacation. Our massive workforce will always find the great deals on hotel prices to make your next vacation stress-free. Find hotels with one of the world’s best travel app’s: - The Guardian lists trivago among the “10 best money-saving apps.” - Tech Times calls trivago one of the “must have apps for frequent travelers.” - Lifehacker lists trivago among the “best price-comparison apps you need to download.” Download trivago to discover hotels and compare prices for great deals. Save money and plan for future holiday bookings while on the go!

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  • Highligths
    This app for finding hotels and Skyscanner for finding flights”
    On the mark best deals available across various travel websites”
    Best hotel in Blackpool ever The Sandgate Boutique Couples Hotel”
    Definitely ultimate solution for hotel search”
    Discover hotels savings travel discounts for your cheap last minute trip”
    Download trivago to discover hotels and compare prices for great deals”
    Find hotels with one of the worlds best travel apps
    Im planning a trip and Trivago makes everything easier and cheaper”
    The most user friendly app for finding accommodation I've found”
    Hotel search and save money top 5 reasons to download trivago”
  • Keep in mind
    Slow and wouldn't load any search results
    We can't find hotels except current location n Tats so inconvenient”
    Can't use the Search function at all”
    No Internet connect
    Very very poor customer service
    Search button is broken”
    This app has to be force closed in the task manager
    Needs Map Search
    Not as good as Web version

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