TripLog - Mileage Log Tracker


TripLog - Mileage Log Tracker

????? The most popular GPS mileage tracking app with over 500,000 downloads. Featured on Forbes, CNN, Inc, PCWorld and many others. ????? Detect device movement and automatically track mileage with MagicTrip™, or Auto Start when connected to a Power Source or Bluetooth, or on a set timeframe ????? The only mileage app that reads your vehicle’s odometer from OBD-II scan tools (optional) ????? Sync data in real-time to TripLog Web and manage the entire fleet at ????? Integrate with QuickBooks™, Concur™, and Google Wear Watch ????? Most comprehensive reports compliant to IRS TAX returns ????? Trucker support with IFTA fuel tax report and DEF fuel ????? Support offline mode. Great for old Android devices only with WiFi. PRICING 30-day free trial • The most accurate app to track vehicle mileage and locations using GPS • Automatically detects device movement and tracks mileage with MagicTrip™. Start a trip when moving at 3 mph on average for 1 minute. Then stop the trip when after not moving for 10 minutes. Turn off GPS when idle to save battery. • AUTO START when plugged into power or connected to a Bluetooth device and driving more than 5 mph. Or, you can have the app auto start on a set timeframe. TripLog automatically stops the trip when the vehicle stops and/or is disconnected • Read your vehicle’s odometer from OBD-II scan tools • Show vehicle parking locations • Sync data between the web service and multiple mobile devices • Fleet and workforce management on the web service • Record actual driving routes and view them on Google Maps • Three home screen WIDGETS that allow you to start, stop, or pause GPS Tracking with one click (while monitoring trip statistics as well) • Commercial TRUCK support (scale, lumpers, per diem allowance, state-by-state mileage for IFTA fuel tax reports, and track DEF fuel purchases and gas mileage) • IRS compliant HTML and CSV tax return reports and built-in 2014 mileage rates • Capture expense receipt photos and upload to the Cloud • TripLog supports all kinds of business expense types for bookkeeping • Turn regular expenses into scheduled reminders with time and mileage intervals • Calculate fuel economy (MPG, L/100km, or KM/L) • Mark locations as tollbooths and automatically apply tolls to trips that pass through them • Backup to your device, email or cloud (powered by Amazon S3, not associated with your personal Amazon account). Automatic daily backup available • Backup data can be transferred to TripLog for iOS through the cloud • Import locations from your phone’s Contacts and Google Maps via the “Share” option • TripLog supports multiple vehicles, multiple tax categories (business, medical, charity, etc.) and multiple business entities • TripLog supports units of measure, date format, and currencies in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, South Africa, as well as 20 more countries • USER GUIDE Excellent customer support. If you have any questions, please send us an email. We will reply to all customer emails within 24 hours. We cannot reach you if you only leave review comments in the Play Store.

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  • Highligths
    This little gem makes my record keeping SO easy now”
    I'm in real estate and mileage is the hardest part”
    Exporting reports come tax time is a huge time saver too”
    TripLog is awesome and the customer service is great”
    I use triplog every day and it's perfect for my small business
    This is the best mileage tracker on the market”
    Would recommend this app for all the small business owners
    Thank you for the developer response
    Love the GPS logging feature and L/100km”
    I wrote an email to technical support
  • Keep in mind
    Can't remove from your notification bar
    The GPS tracking is still broken”

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