tool4seller: Amazon Seller Tool


tool4seller: Amazon Seller Tool

Done your product research started to selling on Amazon, wondering what to do next? Did you select the right product? Need to manage your cost and spending? Are you making a profit? tool4seller is a seller support tool designed to assist Amazon sellers to selling on Amazon. Using the data analysis and store management functions to get a better understanding of your: Store status, what are your best sellers, inventory control alert, your profit analysis, review and feedback management, along with many other features. There is 3 main features each with multiple functions to support Amazon sellers: 1. Store Analysis: a) Recent order: Help track and monitor recent orders on Amazon; b) Top Products: Find the top selling product over a period of time; c) Traffic and Sales: Provide Session, Units, Conversion, or Sales data to find out what products is performing better and making more sales; d) Category Ranking: Provide category ranking of the listing and changes to the ranking compared to the previous day, along with more the changes of the ranking over a period of time. e) Keyword Ranking: Provide with the indication of where your listing is ranking for various keywords f) Sales Analysis: Provide data of the listing sales, cost and profit etc. It can be filtered by ASIN or SKU g) Inventory: Know how much inventory is in stock and how much is under FBA and how much is under FBM h) Periodical Business Report: A business report with key metrics and KPI about the store in a defined period such as: Cost distribution, top selling products, advertising report, and the review statistics of listings. 2. PPC optimization: a) Advertising Report: Keep track of advertising cost, ACoS and sales that’s generated. 3. Review Analysis: a) Get instant notification whenever a new review or feedback comes. b) Feedback Manager: Filter your Feedbacks base on ratings. c) Request Review: View the status of your review email request. 4. Notification Alerts: Get notification alerts for buyer messages, performance, A-To-Z guarantee claims, inventory alerts and Seller with the same listing. TRY FOR FREE: What are you waiting for? Sign up today for 14 day free trial! Visit now

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