Get everything TMZ in the palm of your hand -- from 24/7 Exclusives and Breaking Celebrity News to the hottest videos and galleries. Plus, watch "TMZ Live", "TMZ Hollywood Sports" and clips from "TMZ” TV without ever leaving the app!

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What you should know about TMZ app

  • Highligths
    Has the feal of the tv show and it's entertaining”
    Great app for those that have very little time to watch tv”
    I like that it has breaking news before other news outlets”
    When I find the need to know all the celebrity gossip”
    I can finally watch tmz full episodes and tmz live”
    Like that news stories are concise and cover the salient points”
    Video quality could be better”
    Wud like more push notifications though”
  • Keep in mind
    I understand you have to make money with ads”
    Can't even read an article without a commercial popping up”
    Now every time I try to read a story it get interrupted by ads”
    It has a server error when I try to watch a video
    Now that there's annoying video ads WITH SOUND that pop up all the time
    Recently stopped updating the news feed
    Doesn't scroll properly and needs to be updated to fit larger screens”
    Won't play videos anymore and the "reporting" is horrible”
    Forces closes everytime trying to enlarge photo
    New app isn't as user friendly as the old one”

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