Time Meter Time Sheet


Time Meter Time Sheet

Time Tracker and Time Sheet for anything! Time Meter is a time tracker (timesheet and time recording app) that makes it really easy to track time spent on work, sport, education - overall, any activity. Start and stop time tracking (time recording) with a few clicks. Use handy widgets to track time (log time) even faster. Review daily, weekly, monthly timesheet (activity log, time log, work log, work hours). Features: • quick time tracking and time recording for any activity • widgets (list and lock screen, colorful 1x1 with different icons) to provide the best experience • timesheet reports (CSV file - daily, weekly, monthly or any other period - you can review it in Microsoft Office, Google Docs or plenty other office programs) • automatic export to Google Calendar using Time Meter Extensions app (one of the killer features of this time tracker according to many reviewers) • reminders and alarms (use custom sounds and/or vibration, so you never miss anything working too hard) • simple and user-friendly interface (one of the simplest among available time tracker, time recording and timesheet apps) • easy to browse and edit time log (work log, activity log) (change start and end dates, descriptions, tags, durations) • search, filter and review time log (activity log, work log) • built-in calculator • notification in the status bar • import and export your timesheet (time tracking and time recording data) as CSV file • create backups • tune the app for your needs • Tasker, Locale and other automation apps supporting locale api integration Please, don’t forget - in addition to time tracking you can export data as CSV file to many services like Google Drive and DropBox, create advanced reports for customers, clients, or for personal use. Exported CSV files can be used to chart and analyze your activities in external programs like Excel. Time Meter is a great tool for people who want to track time, control and manage it. Freelancers, self employed, designers, developers, IT specialists, lawyers, contractors, sportsmen, athletes, people who just like sport, students, travelers... - all people who want to track time and take it under control will find this lightweight time tracker useful. As any time tracker app, it helps you to keep track of time spent on different tasks, projects and activities (keeping work log, time log and activity log for your personal affairs or business tasks, meetings or sports, work or commute). You won’t ask yourself any more: What was I working on yesterday? last week? month? year? All you’ll need is just to search your time log (activity log, work log) for a particular dates. Also using Tasker, Local and other automation apps you can configure Time Meter to automatically log time you spend playing games or browsing web on your phone. With Tasker (and other automation apps supporting locale API) there’s a plenty of possibilities to configure Time Meter to add time automatically. Time Meter can help with time management, especially when you use different kind of reminders. It helps to track time, whether it is working hours or any other activity, in a quick and meaningful way. Track your time, review it, analyze it and take it under control! Good luck!

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    Intuitive and help you improve your productivity and time management
    The best time tracking app out of more than a dozen I tried”
    Suggestions: Allow importing of events from Google Calendar into tasks”
    Just wanted an easy way to track work hours and projects”
    Faster than trying to keep track of time spent by writing it down”
    Great App for Contractors
    Very useful for students
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