Three Little Pigs & Bad Wolf


Three Little Pigs & Bad Wolf

Three Little Pigs – Short Story with Games for Kids The Three Little Pigs and Big Bad Wolf is one of the all-time favorite short stories for kids. This animated book app is a classic bedtime story, an amusing game, and a helpful reading assistant. Little kids, toddlers, and preschoolers will enjoy the story about the Three Little Pigs and improve their reading, listening and comprehension skills. Main features - Loveable graphics - Three reading modes: listen & play, autoplay, and read myself - Professional voice overs - Amusing sound effects - Age-appropriate content with a happy ending - Original animated illustrations on every page - Packed with stuff to tap and enjoy - Loads of interactive surprises built around microphone and gyroscope - Fun Games Club The Three Reading Modes Listen & Play: - for kids who enjoy playing while listening to a story; - listen and tap objects in each scene; - kids are in control of the animation; - word-by-word highlighting; Autoplay: - perfect for younger kids who just want to enjoy an animated fairy tale; - word-by-word highlighting to promote reading skills; Read myself: - ideal for kids who love reading on their own; - kids control the flow of the story themselves; - spend as much time as you want on each page; The Fun Games Club includes: - Interactive Puzzles of three difficulty levels that hone fine motor skills and develop children’s color and shape recognition; - Smart Detective game that teaches kids determination and improves attention to detail; - House-blowing Puff Striker game that gives kids the ultimate fun when they compete at huffing and puffing like a wolf! Whether used as a bedtime story, a fun games club, or a reading assistant, the book app about the three little pigs and a big bad wolf offers kids a whole new level of involvement. Give it a try!

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