The Soccer Flick 2017


The Soccer Flick 2017

Welcome to highly engaging and addictive game of football, THE SOCCER FLICK 17 with ultimate and amazing control and realistic soccer football physics and swings. Latest 2017 full and modern fat design with incredible graphics and amazing sound effects. GAMEPLAY Six highly addicting game modes with highly tough and nail-biting free kicks and soccer shoots, arcade style target practice, and showing off your soccer and football skills in the crossbar highly tough challenge. As you move forward soccer Goalkeeper skills level increases giving you tough time in this best soccer game of 2017 better than any game in 2016. READY FOR 2017 this beautiful and free game is more sizzling than ever with all HD new graphics and state-of-the-art special effects keeping in view the design requirements in 2017, and amazing sound effects, with all the depth of field and stadium bloom. Latest Modern fat 2017 design, new game modes and fields, different types of challenges, highly addictive game for football and soccer lovers. AMAZING FEATURES • Realistic football movement and swings with amazing physics. • Incredible and HD graphics • Take free kicks against defenders wall and the best goalkeeper • Highly Fast paced target practice. • Precision and accuracy shot challenge with rewards to win against the best goalkeeper. • Crazy soccer and football stunts for extreme and full sports fans • Heart winning "flick touch" controls with crazy sound effects. COMING SOON: New classic and best football soccer balls, uniforms and player animations. Different times of day, different weather, rainy, sunny, and much more coming soon. Highly appreciate your feedback.

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