Techno Pack - Audio Evolution


Techno Pack - Audio Evolution

We are proud to present a collaboration between Function Loops and Audio Evolution Mobile, the best digital audio workstation on Android by eXtream Software Development. Pairing the unique technology of Audio Evolution Mobile with Function Loops samples is a cutting edge combination. We are going to bring you the science of sound design, never heard on the mobile market before! This is a free sample pack, containing 16 carefully crafted loops for Techno music production. So get ready for the next generation of sound on your mobile device! Warning: this app is 30MB in size, so it's best to download over WiFi. These samples are royalty-free and can be used in commercial projects. Copyright remains at Function Loops. Installation: Please press the 'Install sample pack' button to unpack the samples to the Audio Evolution 'SamplePacks' directory. Usage: In Audio Evolution Mobile press the top-left folder icon and select 'Import sample from sample pack'. Choose the sample pack and then a sample you wish to import. In the 'Stretch and pitch' dialog you can change the tempo and pitch to your current project's values. After pressing 'Ok', the sample will be displayed and can be looped/repeated by long-tapping the sample and choosing 'Repeat' in the pop-up menu. Or watch the YouTube tutorial video! Sample list: TI_BASS_01_D_128bpm.wav TI_BASS_01b_D_128bpm.wav TI_BASS_02_Eb_128bpm.wav TI_BASS_02b_Eb_128bpm.wav TI_DRUM_01_Full_128bpm.wav TI_DRUM_03b_Full_128bpm.wav TI_DRUM_06_Full_128bpm.wav TI_DRUM_08_Full_128bpm.wav TI_FX_01_128bpm.wav TI_FX_02_128bpm.wav TI_SYNTH_01_D_128bpm.wav TI_SYNTH_02_Eb_128bpm.wav TI_SYNTH_02b_Eb_128bpm.wav TI_SYNTH_03_D_128bpm.wav TI_VOX_01_128bpm.wav TI_VOX_02_128bpm.wav Function Loops website: Audio Evolution Mobile: Stay tuned for more loop packs!

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