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Tapa Kiosk

Tapa Kiosk is a full screen browser. Web browser in kiosk mode on a local device and remote control of other kiosks. Local Features: - Displaying a web site or local page. - Locking hardware buttons: Home, Back, Menu, Power, Volume Up, Volume Down, Camera (need Root and Superuser). - Hide bottom system bar. - Locking software keyboard. - Forced screen orientation (portrait, portrait reverse, landscape, landscape reverse, auto). - Setting User-agent (mobile, desktop, auto). - Play video and plugins. - Control zoom. - Program auto startup after device reboot. - Site automatic start after start the program. Network features: - Edit remote device settings. - Get the status of a remote kiosk: time last loaded URL, state of the Internet, a screenshot and screen state, the list of active applications. - Remotely start and stop web page. - Remotely lock and unlock device. - Remotely quit the application and reboot device (requires root and Superuser). Exit pattern: Exit from kiosk mode is allowed only after taps on the screen in specific sequence (pattern). The screen is divided into nine sections (three rows, three columns): 1 - left-top, 2 - center-top, 3 - right-top, 4 - left-center, 5 - center-center, 6 - right center, 7 - left-bottom, 8 - center-bottom, 9 - right-bottom. So if a pattern is set as 555, then you have to three fast tap on the screen center.

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