Swamp Boat Parking - 3D Racer


Swamp Boat Parking - 3D Racer

Swamp boat parking is all about testing your racing skills driving an air boat ? MULTIPLAYER Boat Vs Boat play against your friends. who shall be swamp king? ? ? AMAZING 3D GRAPHICS Your race track is an amazing full hd and highly detailed swamp ? ? ? 3 AirBoats & 32 Levels Race 3 types of airboat on 32 level tracks form easy to hard. Win them all ###### In the realistic racing boat simulator (Swamp Boat Parking - 3D Racer) you are a redneck racing a raceboat on a challenge to get your boats to safety fast with out crushing or sinking them to the button of the swamp. Navigate your racing boat carefully around different obstacles such as logs, islands and sunken ships avoid the riptide that can throw you off the track. ##### Why do people love swamp boat parking racer game? ? 36 levels Lots of fun tracks to race your boat in deep in the swamp far from the police ? 3 challenging modes Speed boat, water bike and swamp airboat each is harder to master then the other ?Free, Fun & Fast Racing game You can download this boat racer game for free and start racing today. No IAP is needed to complete game ##### Take control and drive 3 of the fastest speed boat, water-bike and airboats available on the redneck swamp country. • Fast SpeedBoat Racing Game - Race any one of the 3 boats available - Speed boat, water Bike and swamp boat and achieve three gold stars... Yes it is a gold rush race • Top 3D graphics - The swamp boat is fully realistic looking and the boats are all modules on real like boats such as the Kawasaki Powerboat, Airboat, Motorboat Bike quad racer. • Play with friends - Do you think you have control over your powerboat? challenge your friends now. See who has what it takes to win this motorboat challenge! ###### Choose from 3 power boats and riptide the swamp! 1) Speed Boat ( Powerboat )- High powered motorboat with super charged turbo engine. Intense driving experience 2) Swamp boat ( Airboat ) - Unlike jet boats airboats use air to move and not water jets. Very hard to handle but very agile! Water Bike ( Jet Quad ) - Similar to the jet ski bike only it uses air to move, just like the swamp boat. Easy handling water bike for novice and amateur racers. ##### Some more key features you will surly enjoy in the car game ? 3 steering options for max comfort and accuracy( Race,Tilt, Wheel ) ? Free instant revives for those moments when u just went too far with your speed boat boat ? Awesome replay options to show off to your friends #### Please do not forget to Rate our game and Join our Facebook page for more exciting news and updates!

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