Super Space Adventure


Super Space Adventure

After receiving a distress signal you land on a planet. An alien needs your help to find the others who are trapped below the surface. Explore, rescue, and face the dangers of this unknown planet! Collect power-ups which open up new parts of the world Super Space Adventure is a Metroid / Castlevania like adventure game in 8-bit style. If you like the metroid 2d/symphony of the night or the gba Castlevania series than this game is something for you! --Payment information-- First part of the game is free. After that you can unlock the rest of the game with 1 purchase (2.00 euro). --Additional information-- -Game length: about 1-4 hours depending on how well you know metroidvania games -Sequence breaking is not supported, trying or doing so might lead to you getting stuck -When you feel stuck make sure to look at the map! Known issues: -Device compatibility: the game has been tested on some tablets and phones but not on all devices it supports. So please try before you buy!. -Background music: there is no background music at this moment. Videos: trailer gameplay Game Tags: Retro Metroid Castlevania metroidvania 8-bit 8bit nes side-scroller sidescroller exploration action-adventure platformer adventure Game power-ups samus Castleroid

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