Sundar Gutka (Damdami Taksal)


Sundar Gutka (Damdami Taksal)

Sundar Gutka (Damdami Taksal) contains all the Gurbani (Sikh Prayers)-with optional color coded vishraams (pauses)- of the Damdami Taksal Sundar Gutka, Nitnem Gutka, and more. Bani has been reviewed by scholars of the Taksal. Color Coded Vishraams (Pauses) Orange - vishraam (long pause) Green - jamki (short pause) Sewa of adding Vishraams and proofreading Bani was performed by Baba Darshan Singh (Mallehwal), student of Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Ji (Bhindranwale). Works on phone and tablet. Warning - App contains Dasam Bani "...not recommended for the fearful" - Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale Gurbani from Khalsa Sundar Gutka (Budda Dal) and other Gutka Sahibs/Pothia included as well: -Rehras -Aarti Aarta -Chandi Charitar Ustat -Slok Dumally Da (full version) -Brahm Kavach -Bhagauti Ustotar -Ugardanti -Karni Nama -Khalsa Mehma -Shastar Naam Mala -Akal Ustat Some of the features of the app include: -Color coded vishraams -Change text alignment -Lareevar option -Ability to change font size and font -Bani can be read in Devanagari -Change background color -Indexed for quick scrolling -Custom bookmarking allowed *Bonus* Moolmantar by Sant Jarnail Singh If anyone would like to make any requests or has any questions please leave a comment or email us at and we will respond accordingly.

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