Stunt AirPlane Parking School


Stunt AirPlane Parking School

Welcome to stunt airplane parking school! Ever wanted to free fly a stunt plane, now is your chance to do this in this fun 3D stunt plane flight sim. Fully HD, 3 Super awesome airplanes and lots of challenging fun. ? Fly Stunt Airplanes - Three popular stunt airplanes you can freeride around the city and harbour ?? Challenging game play - This stunt school parking game is all about free dives, roller coaster hoops and many other superfly trick flying stunts! ???? Multiplayer Pilot Mode - NEW! - Fly your stunt airplane and race your friends. Super death challenge is waiting ! "Stunt car, stunt bike and now for the first time you play the new Stunt AirPlane Parking School Mania" Get ready for the adventure flight of your life. Put your pilot hat on and freeride with your airplane through the city. In this freeplay minigame you are a student in the best flight school. Flight school simulator is a set of quickplay flying minigames where you can control three popular racing and stunt airplanes. The objective in all minigames are the same. Follow and pass through the hoops with out crashing the planes in to the city houses, river or bridges. If you crash you Loose. There are three popular airplanes you can fly in stunt school mania 2014: ?Big Gopher - This angry little bird is so powerful that some refer to is as san engine with wings. Small, agile and easy to control. ?Pit's special FMX BiPlane - Double winged for max lift power. This little flying bird is a true superfly, fast and powerful. ?Zivko Edge 540 Race Plane - The strongest airplanes and a regular visitor at the red bull x-fighter air competitions. The "STUNT AIRPLANE PARKING SCHOOL" start your engine and get ready for some real racing competition where loosing means death. All stunt pilots have a need for speed (NFS) to control there airplanes. There is a minimal speed and hours power needed to successfully pilot the airplane around, under and over the different obstacles. You can also fly your airplane in freestyle superfly mode to gain maximum experience in the flight simulator mini game. #### We at Rhino Games Studio love making super fun racing games, arcade flying simulators with rich graphics and a variety of themes such as racing cars, racing bikes, boat games and other simulators all created to being a real racing experience to our fans which have a real need for speed ( NFS ) racing in there veins. If you love this game please feel free to visit our Facebook page and rate us 5 stars...

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