Strumpy (Pro)


Strumpy (Pro)

A multi-track midi workstation for building midi based compositions on the go! Designed as a tool a home recording musician could use to create realistic sounding guitar strumming patterns for their music compositions, Strumpy Pro now offers a full midi multi-tracking capability. You can combine personalised guitar strumming patterns with other midi instrument tracks (bass, lead a drums) to create rich sounding song compositions. If you are a keyboard player and can't play guitar you'll know how difficult it is to put down a guitar track with realistic strumming. Strumpy Pro was written just for you! Use the tool to generate a cool guitar strumming clip and then upload it (in midi form) into your digital audio workstation (DAW) where you can exploit it further. All the complex timings that simulate the plucking of each musical note in a chord being strummed and the hardness of the strummed chord notes have all been worked out and generated by Strumpy Pro in the midi file. Simply assign the loaded track to a suitable sounding guitar patch in your DAW and away you go. You can also develop other tracks to complement your strumming patterns and ensure they blend well whilst still composing on the go. Load all your tracks into a target DAW from the generated midi file. Hopefully you'll find this tool a great way to extend your creativity. Strumpy Pro's key features are as follows. - Full multi-track midi workstation - Layer tracks and control volume, pan and delay - Build strum patterns from over 600 chord variations - Set individual chord notes - Control the delay between strummed notes - Control the volume of strummed notes - Control which strummed notes sound - Simulate 12-string feel in enhanced mode - Add pitch bends for added realism - Add arpeggio sequences to lift compositions - Pre-packaged strum pattern templates - Build, save and reuse your own strum pattern templates - Configure phrase repeats - Transpose the pitch of individual or all phrases - Uses standard music notation to specify strum durations - Save project midi files for use in a DAW (email or export) - Exchange project files with fellow Strumpy musicians - Playback projects and patterns locally on your Android device - Access to the full range of midi instruments and drum sounds - Layer two instruments from a single source of note events for creative effect - Live play mode for real time pattern playback in a DAW Please read the EULA on the Strumpy Pro website before downloading the software. You'll also find an introductory user guide there which will help you get the best out of the tool. Supports Android 4.0.3 (API level 15) and above and has been packaged with separate user interfaces to support smaller screen devices (phones) as well as larger screen devices (tablets). Happy Strumpying

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