Stop Smoking In 2 Hours


Stop Smoking In 2 Hours

COMPLETELY FREE - NO PURCHASES REQUIRED STOP SMOKING IN 2 HOURS requires NO WILLPOWER...NO GUMS OR PATCHES...NO GIMMICKS... Just a Simple Way to Freedom. Please note, this app includes several hours of audio and daily video coaching content, and will require 350MB of free space on your SD card. Addiction and health author Jason Vale ran a "Stop Smoking" clinic for 9 years and successfully helped thousands of people to become smoke-free. Jason used to smoke 40-60 cigarettes a day himself, until he learnt the secret to stopping in 1995, and hasn’t smoked since! Now, YOU can learn Jason’s secret from his tried and tested programme from the convenience of your own iPhone / iPod / iPad. Jason is literally in your pocket every step of the way! Stop Smoking in Just 2 hours and remain Free for Life! There are only 2 simple steps: 1) Watch the short opening video 2) Listen to the two 1-hour audio sessions That’s it, you are now FREE - it's that easy! Extra BONUS material includes: * Relaxation & hypnotherapy audio recommended each night for 21 days to help sustain your freedom * Daily motivational coaching videos to keep you on track during the "5-day adjustment period" * In case of emergency two “SOS” videos to keep you free for life Jason knows there is an easy way of curing people’s addiction to nicotine. “It simply involves understanding how the nicotine trap works and combining that knowledge with some simple instructions.” commented Jason, “the need for nicotine is caused only by the previous dose - it’s a simple chain.” Jason added, “The reason it appears so hard to stop is due to the slight empty insecure feeling that nicotine withdrawal creates. This in turn can create a feeling in the smoker’s mind of panic and fear. It is only this fear, this invisible prison if you will, that keeps people smoking. If you remove the panic and fear through an understanding of what the actual cause is, it can be very easy to stop.” Appdiction Review: "Jason’s Vales Stop Smoking in 2 Hours is a bit of a revolutionary self-help app. Now we have seen some really good “quit smoking” apps over the years, and the better ones utilize an element of hypnosis, but Jason Vale goes above and beyond, utilizing audio hypnosis and video coaching to help finally get smokers to kick the habit with advice so simple and practical that it almost doesn’t make sense at first listen! Jason uses that calming yet forceful British accent to constantly remind us that the pleasure or the crutch is an illusion and we will gain nothing from the smoke. The app features a video to watch upon waking, audio hypnosis for relaxing at bed time, and my personal favorite; Jason’s video titled SOS. Jason is right there on the screen, talking you off the proverbial smoking ledge when you really crave a cigarette. I found this inspiring and very practical. The videos really make this app, and add a nice, personal flair."

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