Stocks, Futures, Forex, Finance latest information


Stocks, Futures, Forex, Finance latest information

This app provides you with timely information on US stock futures and global stock market trading information. (including trading information such as Bitcoin) === Global stock market information for the day includes === #Mainly Global Stock Market: Weighted Index / Dow Jones Index / Philadelphia Semiconductor / Korea Comprehensive / Shanghai Composite Index / Yingde Law / Vietnam / Singapore / Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia Kuala Lumpur / Australia Index / Philippines Comprehensive / Russia / East China Securities / Shenzhen A shares / Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 #S&P Futures #??A50??? #Gold futures #S&P500 futures after the market #EUR/USD futures #USD against the yen futures #USD/RMB futures #Various exchange rate ratio #Public debt #Raw materials: Soy / Rubber / Gold / Copper / Silver / Nickel #Oil: New York light crude oil / Brent crude oil / natural gas #Encrypted currency: Bitcoin/Ethercoin #Others: Taiwan refers to the period / small Taiwan / motorcycle refers to / Taiwan 50 / "cabinet buying period / non-electric gold futures / market deducted TSMC (Please note: the source of stock information used in this program uses the government information open platform data and the Taiwan Stock Exchange TWSE, the TGSM of the Republic of China Securities Counter Trading Center) (Disclaimer: This program is designed to provide investors with accurate and reliable information and services as a reference for investment research. If the damage or loss caused by any incorrect or omission of the information, the program and the developer will not Negative legal responsibility. You should consider it at your own risk and you are solely responsible.)

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