Stock Screener: Find Stocks (Stock Markets)


Stock Screener: Find Stocks (Stock Markets)

Stock Screener is an application that lets users screen or find stocks using various criteria. Criteria can be industry or sector, market cap, share price and many other such screening criteria. Users who want to trade stocks are often not aware of all the stocks. This app will help them discover stocks that match their search criteria. The app also supports various market indices, commodities and market news. This app can be used along with our award winning, top rated, virtual stock trading application; Stock Trainer: Virtual Trading. This app collects no user data and has no permissions. Also, no login or registration is required to use this app. Note that this is an Alpha version of the app, so it is possible some items are buggy. Please report any bugs to our email -, or by using in-app feedback option. Give us a chance to fix the app and make it better before giving negative ratings. Features screening or finding stocks based on: • Industry or Sector • Dividends • Share Price • Market Cap • Analyst Ratings • Growth • Profitability • Earnings Note that all the above criteria may not work for all the countries. Countries Supported: • US • Australia • Austria • Canada • China • Denmark • France • Germany • Hong Kong • Indonesia • India • Israel • Italy • Mexico • Netherlands • New Zealand • Norway • Singapore • Spain • Sweden • Switzerland • UK EMAIL: CUSTOMER SUPPORT or e-mail at Please don't contact support through reviews. It is humble request to report bugs, issues, or communicate questions over e-mail or Facebook page. ? If you are happy with the app, do show your encouragement for us by reviewing the app with 5 stars.

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