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Improve your stewardship by keeping better track of your stuff. How can My Minder help you be a better steward? This App is designed to be easy to use yet flexible. It can help you manage and keep track of just about anything you can enter and helps you find it later with powerful search capabilities. My Minder provides you a place to enter data about multiple things (Subjects) you want to keep track of. You define what (properties) are important to you for each subject. Some example uses and benefits are: *Don't waste food. Enter food data like quantity and expiration dates. So when it comes time to make a meal, you can check your list and be sure to use items before they expire. Also when at the store, you can see if you already have the item at home. Do you know what is in the back or bottom of your freezer? This app can help. *Stop buying duplicate items. Have you ever bought something you forgot you already had? You could keep track of books for example, so if you are out and about and see a deal on a book, but you are not quite sure if you already have it, check your list! *Don't forget your promises. Make a simple to do list with all those things you said you were going to do. *Keep track of what you have and where it is. Whatever is important to you, like storage location for your tools. Handy if you forget where you put things. The more you use this App, the more useful it will become. There are many possibilities. Also included in the App are some definitions and Bible verses on Stewardship.

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