Spanish For Healthcare Professionals™ For quick and effective Point of Care communication & translation. Concise, medically-oriented information for every healthcare professional in the US. The Stat Spanish™ is an efficient translation resource, not an english-spanish dictionary, it includes the context-oriented, commonly used, words and phrases needed in the medical office and Hospital settings. With more than 50 million Hispanics in the US, you are likely to need and use Stat Spanish™ every day. This App will be updated frequently with users' input. Designed for every healthcare professional, including physicians, residents, med students, nurses, PAs, NPs, therapists, dietitians, etc. Developed by Board-certified physicians. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Stat Spanish™ CONTENTS: Greetings Patient Identification Basics Patient Requests Time Numbers relatives Anatomical Terms Symptoms & Diseases Basic History Basic Physical Exam Outcomes --phonetic pronunciations-- --------------------------------------------------------------------- The traditional Stat-Spanish card™ printed version images are included (front & back). Other Medical Apps developed by ScyMed include MediCalc®, EKG-card™, H&P-card™ ICU-card™, eH&P™, etc. (mobile & online). Stat Spanish™ assures QUICK & EFFICIENT point of care communication™".

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