St. John Off The Beaten Track


St. John Off The Beaten Track

St. John Off the Beaten Track App This easy to use app was developed by Gerald Singer, author of the best selling St. John books, St. John Off the Beaten Track, St. John Beach Guide and Tales of St. John and the Caribbean. Now for the first time the information from Mr. Singer’s books, website, blogs archives and photographs have been put together in one extensive and comprehensive app. When it comes to St. John information, there’s nothing out there that even comes close. Featuring: Online and offline options with real time updates Interactive Trail Map: This map uses the indispensable Trail Bandit Map and includes a “my location” feature to show you your position on the trail. Pins identifying the various trails can be tapped to provide trail information and photos (photos only available while online) Trails: Hiking information and photos for 78 trails and scrambles, which include trail description, the natural environment you’ll be passing through and the history of ruins found along the way. Beaches: Guide to 34 of the best beaches on the island, with photos and information designed to help you choose which beach will be the best for you. Including location, directions, beach facilities, snorkeling and watersports. Bars and Restaurants: Direct connection phone numbers, location, live music, menus and pricing Accommodations: Direct phone number, text and email connections, locations, website, photos and information for hotels, villas, small inns, bed and breakfasts and eco camps. Best Snorkels: The best snorkeling locations - reefs, undersea grasslands and mangroves, including location, directions and level of difficulty. Attractions: Visit the restored Annaberg Sugar Mill, the Library and Museum, the National Park Visitors Center, the Archeological Museum at Cinnamon Bay Things to do: sailing and motor boat charters, diving and snorkeling tours, watersports rentals and lessons, guided hikes and horseback riding Scenic Overlooks: Locations where you can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views and incredible photo opportunities Transportation: Rental car information, ferry and barge schedules, taxi rates Shopping: Shopping centers, gift shops, apparel, jewelry Emergency and Community Services: direct connection phone numbers Island information: Learn about the history, culture, geography and natural environment of the island including the sea creatures, flora and fauna Offline option: An offline option allows the user to access all the features of the app, with the exception of photos, even in areas without sufficient data connections. The offline version will be updated when the user returns to an online connection so that the information obtained offline will be current and up to date. About the Author Gerald Singer moved to St. John some 40 years ago when he fell in love with the island and its people. He has worked as a fisherman, a villa manager, construction supervisor and author. Dedicated to the outdoors, he has hiked the trails, snorkeled the reefs, underwater grass beds and mangroves, photographed the island from the coral reefs to the mountain peaks and has studied and written about almost every aspect of St. John’s history, environment and culture.

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