Solar Payoff Calculator Pro


Solar Payoff Calculator Pro

This version of the app (Solar Payoff (payback) Calculator Pro) is for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Business use is prohibited (see below). PERSONAL USE Investing $5,000+ into a solar power system can be a painful task. Which system should you purchase? Which price is better? What effect will an increase in performance of an expensive inverter have over another one? How do you know that you can trust the retailer who is selling you the system? Which solar system is better for your property in terms of its power rating and your energy demands? How much energy is the system expected to make and how long is it going to take for the system to pay itself off with the generated value? These are just some of the questions that Solar Payoff Calculator Pro can assist you with when you are considering to make an investment into a solar power system. Solar Payoff Calculator was designed to assist buyers with making a decision when buying a solar power system by allowing the buyers to enter researched data about their location, solar system specifics and the price of the system into the calculator, which then makes approximate calculations such as the effective cost per watt, power rating and payoff time. Multiple solar system data can be saved into the database to assist with making comparisons or simply saving the data as you browse the market and inspect different solar power system deals. Please note that while we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the calculations or specify the error margin of the same, we have made every effort to make as accurate of an estimate as possible given the information that the user provides. The application itself is still a work in progress and we will be updating the app with additional improvements in the future, but in the meantime please ensure that you are entering sensible data into the app. BUSINESS USE Any use of this application for business purposes is strictly forbidden without a proper license. A license to use this application for business purposes can be obtained by contacting Yukod Software by email (link in Play Store – Contact Developer). Please note that this application can be further customised for your business to include the product specifics which you are working with. PLEASE NOTE: POTENTIAL PAY-OFF TIME IS NOT THE ONLY FACTOR WORTH CONSIDERING WHEN DECIDING UPON WHICH SYSTEM TO PURCHASE. CONSIDER THE QUALITY OF COMPONENTS, WARRANTY PERIODS, ETC.

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