Smart Phone Lock - Lock screen


Smart Phone Lock - Lock screen

IMPORTANT NOTE : The application will not work on encrypted devices. *** Reviewed as the most intelligent lock screen by *** Are you worried about exposing your PIN and Pattern while you unlock your phone? Here comes Smart Phone Lock for the rescue. Smart Phone Lock will set the current phone time as your unlock PIN for the lock screen. It will change the PIN magically on every minute! So, each time you unlock the device, the PIN will vary and you need not worry about prying eyes around you. The best part is, you need not memorise anything to remember the PIN. The modifiers will allow you to enhance the security to the next level. Modifiers : 1) Offset PIN - You can set a number (Positive/Negative) and that number will be added/Subtracted from the current time. Lets say the time is 03:30 and the offset is +10, then the current unlock code will be 0340. 2) Reverse PIN - If you enable this modifier, then the PIN is reversed number of the current time. Lets say the time is 03:50 and the PIN to unlock the lock screen is 0530. Also, Smart Phone Lock provides Date PIN as an alternative way to change the PIN. If you use Date PIN , then the PIN to unlock your lock screen will be changed based on your phone date. FAIL SAFE : If you forget the PIN , Don't worry.At any point of time, you can use your default PIN which you have entered during the app installation. Default PIN will act as backup code to unlock your phone. So, you can log in with default PIN. Even if you forget the default PIN, after entering 3 wrong default PIN , there is an option to get the default PIN through SMS to the registered phone number You can also hide Smart Phone Lock app icon from the App list by selecting hide icon option under settings. If you hide the icon, it will be tough to find you are using Smart Phone Lock. You can launch the app by dialling/calling 1234 in the phone. The application provides various options like : 1. Swipe to unlock - Optionally you can enable the swipe to unlock screen in the app settings. 2. Widget Support - Optionally you can add any widget to the swipe screen. So you can control your music player , see weather details or any statistics by adding appropriate widget to the swipe screen. 3. Uninstall protection - Optionally you can enable the uninstall protection, so that others can’t uninstall the application without proper authentication. You need to disable the uninstall protection before trying uninstall application. 4. Unlocker Protection - Once, you enable the unlocker protection, if anyone tries to unlock your mobile with wrong password, the application will take photo using front camera (if available) without showing the preview and notify you after unlocking the device. 5. Lockscreen Background - You can select any background image as per you wish for the lock screen 6. Battery saving mode - This application is designed to consume very very less amount of battery. If you wish, you can enable the battery saving mode in the application settings to increase the battery life further. The app is password protected, you can access the app only after entering the default pin which you have set during installation. New Features: * Support for 24 hour timePIN * Option change your custom lock screen pictures * In-app purchase to remove ads * Hiding the application Icon from the app list IF YOU CAN’T LOGIN WITH DEFAULT PIN ALSO, PLEASE RESTART YOUR PHONE AND TRY AGAIN. IF YOUR PHONE BATTERY IS NOT REMOVABLE THEN LONG PRESSING THE POWER BUTTON WILL FORCE RESTART THE PHONE. IF YOU FACE ANY ISSUES WHILE UNLOCKING THE PHONE CONTACT US BY MAILING OR BY FILLING THE DETAILS IN THIS FORM —> To become beta tester of this application, please fill the following form -> . Then mail us to We are providing App Lock based on this concept. If you would like to try that please the app lock in

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