Sleep Well (Sound Sleep)


Sleep Well (Sound Sleep)

Do you want to have deep sound sleep? Do you want to relax and calm your mind? Are you stressed out or in mental tension? Do you want to simply take a break? Then Sleep Well App is for you. Sleep Well App teaches how to get sound sleep. It has voice guided sessions with light music. It helps to relax and calm your mind. It uses various scientific methods and music effects for bringing sound sleep. Regular listening to these session improves the concentration and focus. Its has 7 day course. Every day before sleep, you can listen to one sleep session. It works on various scientific proven methods like 1. Prayers Sessions 2. Dancing & Tiring your body Sessions 3. Mantra Recitation Sessions 4. Deep Breathing Sessions 5. Aum Chanting Sessions 6. Meditations Sessions 7. Touch Healing Sessions The above 7 Sleep Well Sessions are prepared by professionals. In addition to the 7 sessions, we have introduction to Sleep Well Session, which introduces you to the Sleep Well Sessions. This app follows natural, scientific psychological and biological process for inducing sleep. Sleep Well App has the following features. 1) 7 Days Sleep Rite Sessions 2) 7 Sleeping Sounds 3) Works in offline mode 4) Repeat, Play, Pause, Stop, Next, Previous feature 5) Facebook, Twitter, Email, Share feature 6) Install on SD Card 7) This also helps to cure insomnia and other sleep disorder

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