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Skeleton Key

Chances are you've got a lot of passwords to remember. Or worse, you use just one password for everything, and not a good one too. This app aims to solve these problems by storing information about your online/offline accounts, but not passwords themselves. Before you start using this app you have to pick just one password (a master key) and it should be good. You would then use it to generate any other password when needed. The trick is when you use the same master key you would get the same password for some particular account. This is guaranteed by generator algorithms used. The upside of this approach is that none of your sensitive information is ever stored in any form, encrypted or not. There's no way to figure out your master key just by getting hold of your phone data. The downside is that you can't store any arbitrary password you already have. But, again, are they really good? Features: - a handy lists of all your online (and other) accounts - keeping a separate password specification for each account (min/max length, character sets, etc.) - automatic backups to external storage (sd card) - password revealing by touch - password expiration notification - password renewal without having to improvise a new skeleton key - new generator for even more random passwords - generate passwords up to 64 character long - skeleton key strength indicator

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