Like most folks on the internet these days, I have more logins than I can possibly remember. Usually, that means people are going to use the same password for a bunch of different sites. The problem, of course, is that if one site's database of passwords is compromised, you're vulnerable. You can use a password management tool, but then you have to either keep it with you on a flash drive or trust one site with all of your passwords (and lose access when you don't have an internet connection). sitePass is another solution. It works best as a Chrome extension that lives in your browser, though you can also use the web version. You give it the url of a site (say,, a password (say, password). It combines them using a one-way SHA-256 hash, then uses the encrypted output of that to generate a secure, unique password. Give it a different site (or a different iteration number, if you need to reset a password periodically) and the same base password, and you get an entirely different secure password. This allows you to remember only one password, but give unique and hard-to-break ones to all of your sites. Or you could use multiple passwords, and use sitePass to make them more secure. It only uses Javascript on your machine, so your base password never leaves your computer, keeping you safe and secure!

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