*** Hello friend. Shelves is now an open source project. You can access the source code at*** *** Development is now entirely dependent on open-source contributions. My infinite gratitude to the people who downloaded and supported this app, as well as everyone who offered words of praise or encouragement. It was for you all that I kept this app going for so long. *** Shelves is an Android application that manages your collection of apparel, board games, books, comics, gadgets, movies, music, software, tools, toys, and video games. With Shelves, you can add items in a number of ways, such as: * By scanning barcodes * From the Internet * Entering details manually You can also import and export data from a variety of sources, including Google Books, Google Drive,, or Shelfari. There's also full support for software such as Dropbox, Delicious Library, and MediaMan. Shelves lets you organize your collection by: * Providing sorting rules on title, price, author, or format (CD, DVD, Vinyl, e.t.c.), and more * Searching across all available item attributes * Tagging and filtering your collection * Allowing for the selection of multiple items You can loan items to friends in your contact list, or rate items for your personal use. You can also opt to place items in a separate wishlist category. Additionally, items can be in any language! THIS APPLICATION IS SUPPORTED BY ADS. YOU CAN BUY THE SHELVES UNLOCKER ON THE MARKET TO REMOVE THEM. Additionally, some features are unavailable, unless the unlocker is purchased. Thank you to everyone who supports a one-man development team, acting as developer, tester, documentation writer, as well as customer and public relations. I wouldn't do this if it weren't for all of you. * * * The following is a list of permissions that Shelves requests, and the reasons for their use. If you're not satisfied with the explanations I have here, by all means, contact me and I'll try to explain them further. The following permissions deal with sending and receiving your collection to Google Spreadsheets. Google is VERY serious about account security, and as such, Shelves has no idea what your login credentials are. Shelves does NOT ask for your password. In this case, Shelves is only asking the Android/Google system whether or not you've successfully logged in: * MANAGE THE ACCOUNTS LIST * USE THE AUTHENTICATION CREDENTIALS OF AN ACCOUNT * GOOGLE SPREADSHEETS * GOOGLE DOCS (Google Docs in this case is not Google's online word processor, but rather the entire Google Docs suite) * DISCOVER KNOWN ACCOUNTS * VIEW CONFIGURED ACCOUNTS * READ GOOGLE SERVICE CONFIGURATION This connects Shelves to the Internet, and lets it download all the item information (covers, descriptions, e.t.c.): * FULL INTERNET ACCESS * VIEW WI-FI STATE These manage how Shelves loans to your contacts, and adds reminders to your Google Calendar: * READ CONTACT DATA * READ CALENDAR EVENTS * ADD OR MODIFY CALENDAR EVENTS AND SEND EMAIL TO GUESTS This permits Shelves to access the cover images and import/export files to the SD card: * MODIFY/DELETE USB STORAGE CONTENTS * MODIFY/DELETE SD CARD CONTENTS This keeps Shelves awake while imports occur. If the device's screen goes dim or falls asleep, the import could fail: * PREVENT DEVICE FROM SLEEPING This is necessary for Shelves to store your account preferences when doing an automatic backup (only for Android 2.2 and above): * MODIFY GLOBAL SYSTEM SETTINGS * * * Original code held (C) 2008 Romain Guy; this project is based off of his. Modifications were made in the source and noted in appropriate places.

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  • Highligths
    Makes it easy to keep track of your collection and what you have loaned out”
    Bulk scan feature is awesome”
    This could have been a really great app for collectors
    Also add a wish list
    Incredible app for organizing books
    Accurate most of the time on cover art
  • Keep in mind
    This app has stopped adding movies with the barcode scanner
    No comic book scanning”
    It would be the best library app I've tried”
    But now all the album art is suddenly gone”
    No album art work

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