Share Money


Share Money

Share Money allows to manage money you got from your friends and money you gave to your friends. It uses different currencies to add records. You can view the balance in any selected currency. The currency exchange rates can be loaded from the server or can be entered manually. Share Money has three simple pages - 'Balance', 'I Gave' and 'I Got'. The 'Balance' page contains the total sums of money you gave to people or got from people. 'I Gave' page contains records about the money you gave to other people. And 'I Got' page contains information about money you got from other people. The sums are colored with red or green colors. Red color means you should give money back and green color means you should get money back. The sum for money record is entered using a formula SUM / NUMBER_1 * NUMBER_2. If you buy anything for three people including yourself then for each person you can use value 3 for NUMBER_1 and value 1 for NUMBER_2. The persons for money record are selected from the standard contact list.

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