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Thanks to all our amazing fans! We've reached 1.6million Users? Have you ever had a romance with a Ninja? Engage in battles with the survival of the ninjas hanging in the balance, seek out and conquer true romance, and achieve success in both love and adventure! Destiny Ninja is a popular novel type dating simulation game(Otome game) set in an era of Genpei in Japan. In the middle of war… A Ninja appeared infront of me after you lost my memories You have since being put in the midst of the Genpei war and forbidden romance… A romantic adventure life with handsome ninjas and hidden feelings of love… Who is your Destiny Ninja ? ===Features=== *Multiple-ending stories: Each ending changes according to the specific conversations between you and your chosen character. *You can enjoy a number of wonderful adventures while clearing a variety of characters and stories! *Receive high quality photos and Mails throughout the story! *A full rich social network: Invite other players and send messages to each other! *Let's collect Ninja cute partner's equipments! Very Cute! *Contains a variety of bonuses, including a Log-in Bonus. ===Facebook=== We've launched our Facebook page. Please come and visit us! === What's a dating sim game?: otome games (Japanese anime games)] === A dating sim game is like a hybrid genre including romance novels and a simulation games, which holds every girl's hearts! Dating sims has multiple characters as your boyfriend, and endings which will change according to options selected by you. In addition, you will be provided with beautiful visual anime images that color your imagination. In Japan, Otome games has gained widespread fun from great range of ages, girls and ladies. We're sure that our dating simulation games will bring you a exciting experience!

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    Awesome game here for newcomers to get prizes CnKvkr3wk4”
    Its super fun with all the stuff that happens”
    Great otome game with cute guys and a ppleasant storyline”
    More hot guys xD Seriously its a good game”
    And definitely for anime lovers
    Fun game especially for anime and manga fan girls”
    I always excited to try another otome games by NTT Solmare”
    Use my ID during the tutorial for rewards
    Add my code G6hBseBui0 really enjoyed playing this game
    Background music & sounds 2”
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    You have the $$ I spent so just let me read the story
    Then have to waste it all on a pointless mini game

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