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With the SEO & Link Analyzer app derived from the Searchmetrics API you can easily analyze the rankings of a website’s URLs in search engine results pages, identify the links of a domain, monitor the social media signals generated by URLs and track the SEO/PPC visibility of a website. Even effects of search engine algorithm updates like Panda or Penguin can quickly be evaluated by the weekly trend data. At the same time, analyses are not limited to individual projects but performable for random domains ad hoc. App as SEO-Software: Data powered by Searchmetrics The app – originating out of an inhouse Hackathon – splendidly utilizes the possibilities of the Searchmetrics API, which is part of the Searchmetrics SEO platform software – the world's largest database for SEO containing information about several million keywords and billions of social links worldwide. The Searchmetrics API is the basis for SEO success of several thousand brands as well as more than 200.000 whitelabel customers. What is SEO? - Definition of Search Engines and Optimization Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consists of the analysis and optimization of the performance of web pages in search engines. Search engines work with algorithms to structure their search results being displayed to the user in the form of a ranking when entering a keyword query. These calculations are based on parameters - such as "number of links" – which, in their entirety, result in a SEO score for a website/URL, representing their relevance for a specific keyword. Keywords describe the contents of a web page helping search engines match a page with an appropriate search query a user is typing into the search box. SEO, Social, Link and Paid Analyses „on-the-go“ With the app, the most relevant search parameters for domains can be analyzed. All important data/figures are easily reachable thanks to a clear layout and a simple menu. Data can be easily interpreted – either as a holistic SEO report or with specific highlighted features such as onpage / offpage SEO, PPC or individual rankings. Based on the information from the app, users can easily perform competitive analyses, compare domains, control SEO link building measures or have a look at the current winner/loser keywords. Thus, the app enables users to manage website optimization efforts, perform analyses and measure their ROI and success. How to SEO – SEO training course and best practices Also, the clear and simple processed data used in the SEO & Link Analyzer app serves as a kind of best practices guide as well as containing information on SEO basics. The clearly illustrated features both fit beginners – containing easy to interpret SEO tips for dummies – and advanced users/SEOs - containing all important information "to go". Overview – Features of the App: • SEO Analysis • SEO Rank • SEO Visibility and Trend • Keyword Rankings • Top 10 Keywords • Winner/Loser • World Visibility • Social Analysis • Social Rank • Social Visibility • Social Media Signals • Social Spread • Top Social URLs • Link Analysis • Link Rank • Number of Backlinks • Link sources • SPS • Referring Domains • Class C Pop • Top Anchor Texts • PPC-Analysis • PPC Rank • PPC / Paid Visibility • Paid Keywords • #1 Keywords • Average CPC • Data for 20 Countries • Help Buttons on every page • Anonymous as well as logged-in use possible • Domain Comparison • Bookmarks About Searchmetrics The company was initially founded in 2007 by Marcus Tober (CTO). Today, the Berlin-based company has more than 100 employees worldwide. With the Searchmetrics Suite, the internationally leading Search-and-social-analytics software (SaaS) as an interactive online marketing platform as well as the Searchmetrics API, marketers and SEOs are able to perform in-depth analyses in the areas of SEO, social, PPC and Mobile. Millions of keywords, billions of links, URLs and social signals - all these concisely visualized data facilitate a measurable SEO success.

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