Self-Hypnosis for Meditation


Self-Hypnosis for Meditation

Self-Hypnosis for Meditation Full Version is now available to purchase on Google Play! ****************** Self-Hypnosis for Meditation provides professionally made self-hypnosis sound tracks to help you achieve different states of meditation and relaxation. You can also choose to play the tracks with our hypnosis brainwave tune in the background for amazing effects. Quiet Mind Meditation set in Self-Hypnosis for Meditation: Doing meditation is very important for people’s mind. It can help you keep quiet. If you are looking to develop a quiet, clear mind, then Quiet Mind Meditation may be what you're looking for. Slowing down your mind by watching your thoughts but choosing not getting involved or attached to them is an important step in learning to be more fully present in each moment. The Quiet Mind Meditation is designed to help you to slow down and learn how to create a quiet mind. Suggestions and metaphors are used to help you (and your sub-consciousness) begin the practice of quieting your mind. Follow the instruction and exercise it step by step. You can achieve it. Features: * Well-designed animation * Playback progress control * Built-in volume control * Background brainwave * Playback repeat setting * Screen timeout control

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