Savings Organiser


Savings Organiser

Organise your savings with this easy-to-use app! If you only have one savings account but want to save up for two or more goals, how do you keep track of how much you're saving for each goal? That's where this app comes in! Create a goal for each savings target or budget amount. Give the goal a name and a target amount to save for. Deposit, withdraw, or transfer money in, out and between goals. Rename a goal or change its target amount whenever you want. Delete a goal when you're done with it. The Home screen shows all your goals and your savings progress. The Savings Goal Details screen shows you how much money you have left to save for each goal and when you can expect to reach your target based on your current average savings rate for that goal. Tap on the text under the progress bar to reveal or hide the full statistics. The currency used is derived automatically from the language and country settings for your device. SPECIAL FEATURES * Calculates average saving rate for each goal and hence when you can expect to meet your target for that goal. * Move quickly between goals by swiping left or right with your finger on the Savings Goal Details screen. * Sorts goals automatically by name; target amount (biggest first); or percentage complete (most complete first). The default sorting method is by name. * Transfer money between savings goals. * 'Unallocated savings' - represents all the savings you haven't assigned to any goal yet. Maybe you haven't decided what to do with this money or you simply want to keep it for emergencies. OPTIONAL EXTRAS * 'Unlimited goals' - buy this to allow more than five goals and to unlock drag-and-drop sorting of goals on the Home screen. * 'Disable ads' - get rid of those annoying ads forever! DATA PRIVACY Your financial data is stored on your device so that no other app can access it. The data may also be periodically backed up to Google's servers in case you lose your device and install this app elsewhere. The app developer does not receive or collect any financial data from you. Anonymous feature usage data is collected and used to help improve the app, but details like goal names, amounts saved or target amounts are never recorded. Uncheck 'Share usage data' under Settings to opt out of this. PERMISSIONS * Network communication - to serve ads when a network connection is available. * In-app purchases - speaks for itself! * Your accounts - to find your Google account name so the app knows what in-app purchases have been made should you ever install it on another device. CRASHES? If the app crashes please use the 'Report' feature on your device to report the error. QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS? * This app does not link to a bank account or your real savings. It simply helps you keep track of your savings. * The app is designed for the situation where all your savings are in one currency. That's why you can transfer money between your savings goals or unallocated savings. * On the Savings Goal Details screen, the 'Withdraw' and 'Transfer' buttons only become visible for a given goal once some money has been deposited in it. * A savings rate is only shown for a goal if it contains money and more than 24 hours have passed since the goal's balance last dropped to zero. If the goal was created before the savings rate feature was introduced then its balance must drop to zero before a savings rate will be shown. The savings rate is simply the goal's balance divided by the number of whole days since its balance last dropped to zero. * Can't launch the app? If you installed it on an external SD card then please ensure the card is in your device and not mounted as USB mass storage media on a PC. * If you like this app please rate it 5 stars. Email with questions or suggestions for improvement.

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