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S+ by ResMed

Sleep better with the S+ by ResMed. Use this app with the S+ unit to monitor your sleep accurately and get personalized feedback and suggestions that can help you get to sleep faster and improve the quality of your sleep. The S+ app does not pair with CPAP devices or provide any form of CPAP treatment data Features - S+ Mentor: personalized suggestions - Relax: fall asleep faster with sounds synced to your breathing - Mind Clear: forget about the day by recording a short memo - Smart Alarm: feel refreshed by waking up in the right sleep phase - Charts and Analysis S+ Mentor Powerful sleep analysis used by the S+ Mentor generates suggestions tailored to both your sleep pattern and your lifestyle, giving you the hints, tips and knowledge that can help you get a better night's sleep. The S+ Mentor identifies which part of your sleep you can improve, and makes recommendations that can help you do it. Relax Use S+ to sync calming sounds with your breathing to help you fall asleep more easily. Mind Clear Full of ideas and worries before sleep? Mind Clear puts voice and text memos at your fingertips. Jot them down and let them go. Smart Alarm Wake up in the right phase of sleep using the smart alarm. Choose the latest time you can wake up at, and the S+ will use powerful analysis to find the optimum moment in your sleep cycle to wake you. Charts and Analysis Understand what is influencing your sleep. NOTE: The S+ by ResMed app requires the S+ unit to use most features. The S+ uses a patented non-contact sleep sensor to provide the accuracy required for the S+ Mentor and Relax features. ResMed have been leading sleep technology since 1989.

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