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Robotic Guitarist Free

Robotic Guitarist is a virtual guitar and chord guide for your device. This application will be useful both for those that already play the guitar and learners, and even if you can't play but want to get some fun or experiment with its sounds. There is a paid version, with every sound pack bundled and no ads. Main features: ? Multitouch guitar emulator Choose a chord without having to learn finger positions and just hit the strings to get nice animation sounds recorded from real instruments. You can strum, play arpeggios or any other desired technique thanks to two picking modes. You can also play licks. String sounds can be distributed along the 3D space optionally. Multitouch supported in capable devices. ? Guitar lab You can choose among the sound of a lot of different instruments and map them to the whole guitar, or even pick a different one for each string! For instance, you can make low notes of a chord to be played with the sound of a certain instrument and the high ones with another, effectively getting a easy-to-control virtual band. This will bring to you a lot of sessions of experimenting and having fun. Sounds: Guitar (acoustic and electric), Violin, Viola, Cello, Banjo, Sitar, Harp, Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Trumpet, Accordion, Harmonica, Cornet, Piano (high and low), Xylophone, Bell, Timpani, Chorus, Cat, Dog, Bird. (Several sounds are bundled in this version; the rest can be obtained separately.) ? Chord guide An easy-to-use interface allows you to change your chord selection on the go. You'll see at all times a diagram showing finger positions. Very useful for learners or for those who play already and need to recall a chord. ? Custom chords and chord presets You'll be able to take music as far as your imagination takes it because you have the possibility of creating your own chords with a easy-to-use editor. They don't have to be actual guitar chords, but any layout of notes whose sound you like. You'll be able to play those songs with weird hand positions, since you are not limited to standard chords. You can define free strings, you can play licks on. This feature allows, for example, to follow a tablature with much more fidelity. Furthermore, you'll be able to save the chord set you have been composing so you can recover it later, with no need of defining it again chord by chord. That way you'll have at hand every chords needed for each song or experiment. ? Tuner If you play a non-virtual guitar, Robotic Guitarist is your loyal electronic pocket tuner. It's able to detect frequencies with high accuracy. ? Metronome It's a handy digital metronome. It has settings for speed (beats per minute) and different signatures (constant, 2/2, 4/4, etc.). ???????????????????????? Keep in touch through Facebook! Stay tuned on Twitter!

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    Great for beginners and experts”
    Got free subscriptions for guitar learning tutorials too”
    Any n all guitar players best friend”
    Guitar tuning made very easy”
    Just get the chords for a song you”
    One of the best music apps for guitarist”
    Without a doubt best free guitar app that there is”
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    Why would this app needs to read my phone state”
    Cant even tune the guitar
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    Poor sound quality :-”

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