Ringdroid "QCP Error" fix


Ringdroid "QCP Error" fix

This is a substitute for Android system Sound Recorder for cases where Ringdroid (or derivatives like Ringtone Maker) reports "Sorry, Ringdroid is not yet able to edit files of type qcp" error when you try to record NEW sounds. bP Record IS NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR RINGDROID OR RINGTONE MAKER, IT ONLY FIXES THE ERROR WHEN YOU USE ONE OF THOSE APPS TO RECORD A NEW SOUND. PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE YOU INSTALL: This app does NOT read or write QCP files. This app will NOT fix Ringdroid to read or write EXISTING QCP files. This app WILL allow you to record NEW sounds USING Ringdroid and not get the "Sorry, Ringdroid is not yet able to edit files of type qcp" error. This app is NOT designed for standalone use like other recording apps. It cannot be launched by itself and it WON'T show up in your app drawer. It is only launched by other apps that need a sound recording, like Ringdroid and derivatives like Ringtone Maker. After you install this app, LAUNCH Ringdroid or Ringtone Maker and attempt to record a new sound. NOW you will have the option to set bP record as the default recorder for Ringdroid or Ringtone Maker. This will end the "qcp error" when recording NEW sounds. If this app does not solve your problem you may be better served to find a good replacement for Ringdroid or whatever program you use. THIS APP DOES NOT REPLACE RINGDROID. IT FIXES THE ERROR IN RINGDROID WHEN RECORDING NEW SOUNDS. This app is free and without ads. We hope bP Recorder helps you. If so, please give us a good review to offset the ones by those who don't read before they install. THANKS! IF YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT IT IS FOR, PLEASE DON'T USE IT. IT'S NOT FOR MAKING RINGTONES, IT'S TO FIX A SPECIFIC PROBLEM ON SOME DEVICES WHEN THEY USE AN APP LIKE RINGDROID TO MAKE NEW RINGTONES.

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