Rightmove UK property search


Rightmove UK property search

Brought to you from the UK’s number one property website, the Rightmove property search app for Android lets you search over a million properties on the go from the palm of your hand. What you’ll love about the Rightmove property app: - Sync and share your saved properties and searches seamlessly across all your devices - Big, beautiful property photos viewable in full screen will help you get a feel of the property - Floorplans to help you understand the layout of a property - Find out which stations and schools are near a property to build up an idea of the local area - Take advantage of Google Street View to check out an area in more detail with our Google maps integration - See a property you’d like to view? Enquire directly via phone or email without leaving the app - Find the right home, near the right school with our ‘School Checker’ tool - Share property with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, via email or SMS Use the Rightmove property app on your Android smartphone or tablet and by syncing with your myRightmove account, ensure you can pick up where you left off each and every time. About Rightmove: Covering properties from all over England, Scotland and Wales, Rightmove has the largest number of UK properties for sale and to rent, as well as the largest number of advertising estate agents. As well as covering circa 90% of all properties for sale, Rightmove can also help you with your property research, with valuable information on previous sold prices and market information. If you’re looking to buy, sell, rent or let a property, find your happy with the Rightmove Android app! If you love the Rightmove app or have an idea of how we could make it even better, we’d love to hear about it! Simply tweet us @Rightmove to let us know.

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What you should know about Rightmove UK property search app

  • Highligths
    Useful version of the Web site for house hunting on the move”
    Good example of a well designed user friendly app”
    By far the best property app available on the market :-”
    I've downloaded most of the house search apps out there”
    Could do with having the mortgage calculator on the app though”
    You can always find a place
    Fantastic for house buying on the move”
    Best app for keeping up to date with the fast moving property market”
    Awesome time killer
  • Keep in mind
    Constantly crashes when trying to view search results
    Every time I view photos it say unable to load”
    Uninstalled and now using desktop version
    Frequently images don't display in the map view
    Dont waste time if you cant wait more than 1 min”
    Notes don't sync properly with the online version
    Malicious apps can make phone calls without users aware”

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