Relaxing Exercises(Deep Sleep)


Relaxing Exercises(Deep Sleep)

Lie down on the back on a mat or on your bed put the device on loud and kept it near or use head phones and drift to sleep with this relaxing guided meditation intended to clear your mind,enable you to get deep restful sleep and this relaxation is very helpful in bringing down blood-pressure,it helps to prevent heart trouble if practiced regularly,it reduces the tension in the body and mind and brings calmness,body gets full rest,it regulates the circulation of blood,heat,air,life-force and bio-magnetism throughout the body.Those who are suffering from insomnia do this exercise thrice a day and can get good sleep. it's the mental exercise so do this exercise after doing all other exercises, activities & playing games like, ABS,stretching exercise,yoga,Tai Chi,karate...etc. Brisk walking or jogging, After your office work & any risky work, Yard work (mowing, raking, digging), Dancing, Swimming, Traveling, Climbing stairs or hills,etc. and whenever we feel tired or physically & mentally not well do this exercise and can get good result. ***********************NOTE:using the relaxation guide you can do this exercise manually at any where*******************************************

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