Relax Music Anti-Stress Sounds


Relax Music Anti-Stress Sounds

NATURE SOUNDS TO SLEEP TO FREE Hello, happy people! Are you looking for a perfect music app to help you relax and fall asleep quickly and easily? We have created an excellent collection of the “sounds of nature”: “ocean sounds”, “bird sounds”, “water sounds”, “thunder and lightning sounds”, “rain sounds”, sea sounds, jungle sounds, and many more. These “relaxing nature sounds” can be used for studying, sleep, meditation, yoga, massage, and other daily activities. “Soothing nature sounds” can help release stress and ease your mind from unnecessary thoughts. Download Relax Music Anti-Stress Sounds and fall asleep to “ocean music”! “Rain forest birds relaxing light rain for relaxation meditation rainforest sounds”! Features: MEDITATION MUSIC, YOGA MUSIC, SLEEPING MUSIC, RELAXATION MUSIC! ? “Relaxation music” for deep sleep, meditation, yoga, and stress relief! ? Excellent “relaxing melodies” with “instrumental music”! ? Options for setting different time intervals! ? Exquisite graphic design and intuitive controls! ? Suitable for all generations of users! ? New relaxing music for sleeping coming soon! NATURE SOUNDS RELAX AND SLEEP Relax Music Anti-Stress Sounds brings you the most magical “sounds of nature for deep sleep and relaxation”. “Rain storm thunder and lightning sounds” will help you sleep like a baby and relax your busy mind. “Ocean sounds for sleep” will enhance your meditation practice and will put you into a state of deep calm and peace. If you like “birds sounds”, this collection of “relaxing sounds” will help you find tranquility wherever you are. “Rain sounds relaxing sleep” will help you fall asleep quickly and easily after a busy day at school or at work. Download this collection of “sleeping sounds” and see it for yourself. “Music for sleeping and dreaming healing nature sounds and relaxing music”! You should always have “relaxing sounds for sleeping” at hand! RELAX AND SLEEP TO BEAUTIFUL RELAXING MUSIC Are you looking for wonderful “spa music”? Do you need “soothing music for babies” to help you lull your child to sleep? “Calming nature sounds” and “relaxing sound loops” are here for you! You can choose whether you want to use ocean sounds, rain sounds, bird songs, forest sounds, night sounds, cricket sounds, or many other nature sounds. Beautiful sounds of nature will be a great “lullaby relax and sleep” for you and your child! If you need spa music which you will listen to during your spa treatment, “deep energy music for meditation and relaxation” is the perfect choice for you. If you want to enhance your brain activity, concentration, and focus, you can always listen to “easy listening instrumental music”. Who needs anti-stress therapy when you have “sleep music lullabies”? “Relaxation music for sleep stress and anxiety”– “soft music to sleep free”! “Rain sounds free” only for your ears! Download Relax Music Anti-Stress Sounds and enjoy listening to “sounds of rain and thunder” every day! NATURE SOUNDS FOR MEDITATION RELAXATION MASSAGE THERAPY AND SLEEP Are you looking for “yoga music for relaxation and meditation”? Do you need relaxing music to help you with your yoga classes? “Meditation music” is excellent for concentration and sleeping, but it can also be used while you exercise. You don't need “white noise” or “instrumental music free” when you can listen to “nature sounds to sleep to”! Sleep music and relax music only for you! Download this yoga music and make your own music therapy! Soothing music with sound of rain, sound of the ocean, sound of birds singing will make you feel like you're in heaven. Healing sounds of Relax Music Anti-Stress Sounds only for you! Legal info: ===== This is a free application. Songs are originally designed as a sleep and relax aid and they are believed to be in a public domain. If you are an author of a song or you are aware that copyright belongs to a commercial author, please report to us immediately. Thank you!

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