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Qute Map

Qute Map starts right at where you are, and gives you immediate information at 1-click. Traffic is showing by default. 1-click on park button to remember your parking location. 1-click on car button to locate your parked car. 1-click to start tracking your trip, and erase your track by clicking one more time. 1-click on close-by point, the map will show you the distance by either km or mile. 1-click on and off for satellite map. 1-click to show you the weather condition in your area. Whether you are in a mountain valley, or at the center of lake powell, this gps app will guide you through, and tell you how far the next place will be, the map is in your hands. Support android v2 Google Maps, better map experience with 3D in satellite mode. Categories: College, school students and field engineers, best map, recommended, quick, cute; tool.

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