QuotEd Reading Comprehension


QuotEd Reading Comprehension

QuotEd improves reading comprehension and helps improve test scores. QuotEd Reading Comprehension is designed to engage your perception of test questions through a format both familiar and enjoyable: quotations! QuotEd has hundreds of quotations with specifically crafted questions attached to them. Each new quote will challenge your understanding of how questions and answer choices can be constructed to throw off test-takers, enhancing your reading comprehension. Through QuotEd’s thorough analysis of hundreds of standardized tests—middle school to graduate school entrance exams—your testing proficiency will be strengthened in a progressive format that can accommodate even the busiest of schedules. QuotEd’s unique possibilities for your LSAT, GMAT, GRE, SAT, ACT, or other exam study include: * Brief explanations of all answer choices. * Varying levels of difficulty, 1-5. * Author and work for each quotation. * Bank of quotations to memorize (pick 2 or 3!) for your exam essays or to look up for your admissions essays. * “Favorites” button so you can save your favorite quotations or questions for friends! * A 10-question quiz mode for when you have time for more than the daily question. Unlike other app builders, we do not believe in tiered groups of paid users – everyone is a premium user for QuotEd. Our app could actually be a 250 page book, which would cost $30 if published in book form. Below, we describe how QuotEd can assist you specifically on some tests. You may certainly read all the descriptions, but please feel free to scroll down to the one you’re preparing for: ACT prep: The ACT is a reading test, period. Even math depends upon your reading ability. On top of that, ACT reading sections test your ability to decipher writing styles from 4 different categories: Prose Fiction, Social Science, Humanities, & Natural Science. To help, QuotEd exposes you to HUNDREDS of different writing styles alongside repetition of the most common, confusingly phrased questions. This way, no writing style or question should scare you on test day. Further, seeing 5 answer choices instead of 4 will make the ACT’s answer choices seem like a breeze. Overload now, and enjoy a smoother ride on the real ACT test! SAT prep: Loathe those mini-reading sections? Ever wonder how on Earth you’re supposed to handle the crazy “what does this completely asinine word mean in context” questions? Sick of hearing “If you want to improve your reading score, just read thousands of good books!” when you’re already a junior/senior? QuotEd has already helped two students score perfect 800’s on the SAT Critical Reading and helped other users raise their SAT reading scores hundreds of points. Plus, you’ll learn cool words because we’ve pulled our 35-75 word quotations from many of those “thousands of good books” you’re supposed to have read. GMAT prep, LSAT prep, & GRE prep: Tired of boring prep materials that all seem to have the same paragraphs? Instead of fashioning dull paragraphs with minutely detailed elements, we share fantastic quotations from engaging works that you can use as you prepare for reading comprehension & critical/logical reasoning sections. Among other good reviews, Manhattan GMAT’s blog gave this glowing review: “It’s hard to find many great apps designed to help with reading comprehension in the App Store but QuotEd has a tremendous base of higher-level paragraphs and questions.”! Follow @QuotEdapp on Twitter for special theme weeks to win free gear & gain testing insights. In the meantime, welcome to the conversation! --The QuotEd Team Disclaimer: We doubt we’ll be able to keep writing questions to infinity, but we’ll keep rolling until the cows come home, whenever that should be.

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