Quitter is the ultimate tool in your mobile arsenal when trying to quit smoking. Not only will it help you determine the real reasons behind your smoking habits, but it is designed to help motivate you through its character's messages, built-in achievement system, and your social network. Its main features include: Tracking of cravings and relapses – One of the most important features of this app is tracking when, where, and why a relapse occurred. When you have, or give into, a craving, you will be able to open the Quitter and immediately add an entry into the system for a date, time, GPS location, and a selectable reason for why it occurred. Statistical Aggregation and Display – Another major focus of the app, if not the most important, is the display of the tracking data. Using a series of graphs, charts, and lists, Quitter will show you enough information to help you understand the root causes for your smoking habits. Messages – Like the quit smoking commercials on television, this application will also periodically display messages that are designed to incite the desire to quit. These messages will contain publicly available health information, encouraging comments, graphical images, and other various things that may help inspire you to quit. Achievements – Quitter comes stockpiled with an Achievement system for your progress. The more cravings you resist and the longer you go without a cigarette, the more achievements you will unlock. Social Networking – Quitter will also focus on the use of your social network to help motivate you. You have the option to regularly share your quitting progress with Facebook to not only show you, but the people you care about, how you are doing in relation to your quitting progress.

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